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Hola! My name is Jason Chavez and I am a proud Latino, queer, son of immigrants, and I am fighting for the community I was born and raised in. Through my work as an organizer and legislative aide at the State Capitol, I have fought alongside our community to reshape our broken criminal justice system, implement protections for renters against predatory landlords, and organize for immigration justice.

I am running because like so many in our community, I know what it is like to be evicted from your only home, to be targeted by the police, and to watch those we are meant to trust turn their backs on us. The murder of George Floyd and COVID-19 has shown us so clearly what we have always known—our community has had the solutions to our most pressing issues all along.

All of our experiences are unique and at the same time we share a common vision and potential for our home. Whether you are the undocumented mother working tirelessly to provide for her children, the hardworking storekeeper, or the dedicated community member that keeps us all connected—we all want to live in a place where we reclaim our public safety, where our neighbors are housed and rent control is realized, where we can count on clean air and safe drinking water, and where the rich pay their fare share so our community can thrive.

I am running for City Council because I believe that the answers to our collective struggles are within our community—it is a vision for a community-centered and community led Ward 9.

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